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10 tips for your trip to Cambodia

With its rich history, verdant landscapes and hospitable people, Cambodia is a destination that has much more to offer than just the famous Angkor Wat temple complex. Cambodia is a country waiting to be discovered, full of hidden gems and captivating experiences. From lively markets to tropical island vibes, from flavorful cuisine to fascinating cultural traditions. Cambodia has something for everyone. To properly prepare for your future trip to this country, you do need to take a few things into account. We give you 10 tips in advance that you should know before your trip to Cambodia so that you can enjoy it carefree.

1) History of Cambodia

Did you know that Cambodia is still recovering from a tragic genocide that took place 40 years ago? Under the Pol Pot regime there were 2 to 3 million victims, which was about 25% of the population. To this day, this country is still recovering from this trauma. For this reason, we recommend starting your trip in Phnom Penh to better understand the impact of this tragedy in the country. A better understanding of a country’s history and dynamics greatly enriches your trip.

To get a picture of these tragic events between 1975 and 1979, visit the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in the heart of Phnom Penh. A visit to this museum can be combined with the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek. Both the Genocide Museum and the Killing Fields can leave a huge impression. We recommend visiting these first before exploring other highlights of the city. If you are traveling with children, prepare them well for this visit or skip these places if necessary.

Killing Fields Cambodia
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2) Get your visa in order in advance

To enter Cambodia, you need a visa. When you travel to Cambodia, you will receive a visa-on-arrival that is valid for 30 days upon arrival. The visa-on-arrival is available at Siem Reap (REP) and Phnom Penh (PNH) airports and at all land borders. Prices for this visa at the border may vary by border crossing. Count on $30 and $40. You do need to make sure your passport is valid for at least another 6 months after arriving in Cambodia and you have at least 1 blank page available. Be sure to apply for a new passport if not.

A popular alternative to avoid waiting times at the airport is to apply for the visa online. You can easily do this through the official website. You also pay a little less if you arrange this online.

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3) Download the map of Cambodia offline

It is useful to download the map of Cambodia on your phone in advance. This ensures that navigation capabilities are available to you at all times. After all, in the jungle or on remote beaches, you don’t always have coverage, but it’s nice to know exactly where you are. With Google Maps, offline use of navigation is possible only for highways. Hiking trails will not be included in detail, but at least you know how you are oriented. A better alternative to Google Maps is Maps.Me, where you also have maps available offline.

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4) Take into account the (rainy) season

Cambodia has a diverse climate that affects different regions. In general, the country has a tropical monsoon climate, divided into three seasons. The best travel time to visit Cambodia is from November to April, when pleasant temperatures (25-30 degrees Celsius) and low rainfall make conditions ideal for touring.

Cambodia’s hot season extends from April to June, with temperatures that can reach 40 degrees Celsius. This is followed by the rainy season from June through November. Do not be discouraged, however, as rain often falls in short periods interspersed with a few hours of sunshine. Heavy rains occur mainly in the afternoon or evening. Although it is always pleasantly warm in Cambodia, it is wise to bring a raincoat or poncho to cope with unexpected rain showers. This is true for the entire continent of Asia, by the way.

Cambodia 10 tips
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5) Provide probiotics if you have sensitive intestines

Cambodian food is surprising and incredibly delicious. Varied, healthy and always freshly made. It is very accessible, but it may take some getting used to for your (Western) stomach. Nothing is more annoying than cramps, nausea or lying in your bed all day because you ate something wrong. One tool for this is taking probiotics. You can get this in advance and without a prescription at your home pharmacy. An alternative is getting a drink at the local supermarket that promotes your intestinal flora. Yakult is a great example of this and can be found all over Cambodia.

TRAVEL TIP : Our favorite dishes in Cambodia were Amok (curry with fish) and Loc Lac (marinated beef with rice).

Street food Phnom Penh
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6) Essentials you should definitely carry in your luggage

Time to pack up! But what all do you take with you when traveling to Cambodia? Below are the most important things to remember when traveling to Cambodia:

  • Sunscreen: it sounds logical, but the sun in Cambodia burns hard and our sensitive skin needs protection for this. Sunscreen is very expensive in Cambodia and often does not spread as well as our sunscreen. Therefore, be sure to bring plenty from home!
  • Mosquito spray: Mosquitoes are common in Cambodia throughout the year and there are many of them. It is therefore recommended that you protect yourself from this. In addition to mosquito spray, the purchase of a mosquito net or mosquito net may be of interest, as not all accommodations have them.
  • Medication kit: It is always recommended to bring a medication kit with you when traveling. Painkillers, medication for abdominal pain and nausea are always indicated. In addition, we definitely recommend medication for motion sickness. In fact, when traveling around the country, you often take the boat and/or bus. As previously reported, having probiotics is also a win in your baggage.
  • Female hygiene: For our female readers, we recommend bringing plenty of tampons. In Cambodia, you can only find (thicker) sanitary napkins in stores, which is not so pleasant in hot temperatures.
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7) Cash is king: both in $ and Cambodian riel

The Cambodian currency is the Cambodian Riel (KHR) but payments are made equally with the U.S. dollar . So having some of both currencies in your pocket is definitely helpful. 1 US dollar is roughly equivalent to 4,000 Riel. It may be useful to install an app to easily calculate the exchange rate when in Cambodia. In fact, you often get change in Cambodian Riel, even if you pay in U.S. dollars.

In several places you can only pay in cash so make sure you always have enough in your pocket. Paying by card is often not possible, or they charge an additional 3% fee on the total amount. There are plenty of automated teller machines (ATMs) throughout the country but again there is an additional cost. Often, “With or Without Conversion?” is also asked. If so, always choose “without conversion. To avoid unnecessary costs, we recommend that you arrange the necessary cash through your bank before departure.

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8) Vaccinations

If you are traveling to Cambodia, there are no mandatory vaccinations required. However, many vaccinations are recommended. For this, we recommend that you take a moment to visit the following website on health while traveling . Especially if you are planning a longer trip through Asia, it is important to look into this in advance so that you are vaccinated against the necessary. Better safe than sorry!

9) Malaria

In Cambodia, the risk of malaria is very low. This is provided you stay within urban or more touristy regions. If you go into nature in the northeastern or southwestern region of the country, there is moderate risk. Mosquito repellents are usually sufficient, but higher-risk individuals are advised to bring emergency treatment as a preventive measure. Be sure to check beforehand whether your itinerary falls into high-risk areas or not. You will also find this information on this travel health website.

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10) Install the following apps

As the last of the 10 tips for your next trip to Cambodia, we would like to give you some useful applications:

  • Airalo : If your phone supports e-sims, you can get digital mobile subscription. You can already arrange this in advance so you don’t have to look for a telecom provider when you arrive.
  • Asia12Go : Looking for the most optimal way of transportation between A and B in Cambodia, this app is indispensable on your phone. After various travel options are presented, you can proceed directly to book to secure your tickets.
  • : The most well-known tool for booking your stay. For different price ranges, you can always find a good accommodation through this app.
  • GetyourGuide : If you are looking for inspiration to do fun activities in Cambodia then this app is ideal. It not only gives you an overview of the best to-do’s, but it is suddenly your booking platform to capture the activity.
  • Currency converter: €1 is about 4300KHR at the time of writing this post. Taking into account the exchange rate, and since Cambodia works with two currencies, it is often convenient to use a currency converter to make the necessary conversions.
  • Maps.Me: this app is useful so you can download the map of Cambodia offline. That way you always know where you are and can easily find your way back.
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Do you have any questions about your next trip to Cambodia? Let us know in a comment below! Looking for more information about your next trip? Please do not hesitate to contact us or send an email to

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