Where to stay in Tbilisi: 15 x the nicest hostels and hotels

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and one of the nicest cities to visit in Europe. You will find beautiful architecture, historical monuments and a delicious food culture with fantastic wines still made in a traditional way. Tbilisi is a surprising city and you can easily spend several days there. It is also centrally located and an ideal base for exploring other places in Georgia. Tbilisi consists of several neighborhoods, each of which has its charm. Here you can read in advance what are the 15 nicest hostels and hotels to stay in Georgia’s bustling capital for every budget!

Where to stay in Tbilisi

Tbilisi may not seem that big, but there is a lot to explore in Georgia’s capital city. Therefore, we recommend staying there for at least 3 days to be sure to see the highlights. Find out the best neighborhoods to stay in while in Tbilisi and the best hostels and hotels.

1) Old Tbilisi – historic center

The historic center of Tbilisi, also called Dzveli Tbilisi, is the ideal district to stay in for a first time visitor to Tbilisi. In this neighborhood you will find some of the city’s most beautiful sights such as the many historic churches, traditional sulfur baths and the Narikala Fortress. You will also find plenty of hip restaurants and cozy wine bars. Walking through the streets of the historic center, you can also admire the many wooden balconies and traditional houses. Everything is within walking distance of each other which makes it an ideal place to stay.

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Budget (€): Envoy Hostel

Cozy hostel within walking distance of the metro and the old center. The rooftop terrace offers great views of Tbilisi and you can meet fellow travelers over drinks.

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Average (€€): Doors Meidan Design Hotel

Unique design hotel with spacious rooms. Near popular highlights of the city such as the famous Meidan Bazaar and sulfur baths of Tbilisi.

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Luxurious (€€€): The House Hotel Old Tbilisi

Beautiful boutique hotel with courtyard overlooking the typical wooden balconies of Tbilisi. This hotel preserves the authentic features of Tbilisi’s buildings. Very good location, couldn’t be more central!

2) Mtatsminda & Rustavali – best district for shopping

The Rustavali district is the best area for shopping. Running through this area is Rustavali Avenue, Tbilisi’s main street with numerous stores and department stores. You will also find the Georgian parliament building, the opera theater and the National Museum of Georgia. This neighborhood is adjacent to Liberty Square where you can take the subway or bus to other parts of the city and also the free walking tour starts here. This neighborhood is adjacent to the old center where you can easily get to on foot.

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Budget (€): Homey

Small but cozy hotel with clean rooms and very friendly staff who are always there for you!

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Average (€€): Octava Boutique Hotel

Cozy boutique hotel with beautiful interior and extensive breakfast. Located on Rustavali Boulevard and within walking distance of the historic center.

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Luxurious (€€€): Radisson Blue Iveria Hotel

5-star hotel with indoor and outdoor pool overlooking Tbilisi, spa and restaurant for ultimate pampering.

3) Avlabari – best budget accommodations.

The Avlabari neighborhood lies across the Kura River that splits Tbilisi into two parts. This district is still within walking distance of the main attractions but has more cheaper alternatives for the budget traveler. In this area you will find Holy Trinity Cathedral, the largest Orthodox church in the country and a real must-see in Tbilisi! You will also find the Rike park from where you can take the cable car to the upper Narikala Fort.

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Budget (€): Guest House Avlabari

Friendly owner who welcomes you with a broad smile! Cozy courtyard to meet fellow travelers or play a game of chess.

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Average (€€): Graphica Tbilisi Hotel

Modern hotel that feels like coming home with its cozy rooms. Within walking distance of the metro and included fantastic breakfast buffet.

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Luxurious (€€€): Vinotel Boutique Hotel

This hotel has already won several awards including “Best Bookish Hotel in Georgia. Both the outside and inside are a sight to behold.

4) Chugureti – best alternative neighborhood

Chugureti (also referred to as Marjanishvilli) is undoubtedly the artistic district of Tbilisi. Walking through the streets you will see plenty of alternative stores, beautiful contemporary art on the walls and plenty of quaint bars. In particular, you must have seen Fabrika, a former Soviet textile factory. Now it functions as a multi-functional complex and you will find a hip hostel, fun pop-up stores and cool bars to meet new people, among other things. This neighborhood is becoming more and more popular and worth visiting.

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Budget (€): Fabrika Hostel & Suites

The hippest place in Tbilisi! Located in a former Soviet factory, this hostel now stands out for its modern decor and art.

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Average (€€): Tea for Two Hotel

4-star hotel with excellent value for money that has everything for a pleasant stay in Tbilisi.

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Luxurious (€€€): Unfound Door Design Hotel

Unique hotel that has preserved well the heritage of the building. Fantastic breakfast and within walking distance to Tbilisi train station.

5) Vera – best neighborhood for families

The Vera district is located in the north of the city and borders Tbilisi’s shopping district. From here you can still walk to the historic center, but its location makes this a quieter neighborhood to stay in. In this area you will find a lot of parks which makes it a green environment. There are also numerous playgrounds and thus ideal for when traveling with children.

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Budget (€): Hotel Beli

Clean and small hotel that has everything for a comfortable stay. The terrace on the top floor offers the best views of Tbilisi.

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Average (€€): Lowell Hotel

Hotel with beautiful interior and very helpful staff. In the morning, enjoy a delicious breakfast with fresh ingredients.

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Luxurious (€€€): Stamba Hotel

With a mix between vintage and modern, this hotel is a beautiful reflection of Tbilisi. Such a beautiful interior that you just don’t want to leave!

With these fine accommodations, you can start exploring Tbilisi and Georgia well rested. Read here in advance why Georgia is the ultimate vacation destination!

Have you been to Tbilisi yourself and found it as wonderful a city as we did? Let us know in a comment below! Looking for more information about your next trip to Georgia? Please do not hesitate to contact us or send an email to snoezelsontheroad@gmail.com

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