Our story

Welcome to our travel blog 💙! We’re glad you’re here and happy to introduce ourselves! We are Iris and Gert, two Belgians with a heart for travel, photography and sharing this with the world. In 2022, after the pandemic, we decided it was time to pursue our dreams and left for a 9-month trip! We saw how many beautiful places the world has to offer and felt we couldn’t keep this to ourselves. Through our Instagram, we like to inspire you by picturing the most beautiful places on this earth. Travel for us is a way to enrich yourself, learn from other cultures and sometimes take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Our globe has so many beautiful places, ready to be (re)discovered by you! During our travels, we like to go before you, with ups and downs, and give you everything you need to know to make planning your next trip a little easier. So based on our own travel experiences, we decided to share our best travel tips and information with you and this travel blog was born.

But who are we? Find out all about the snoozers below.


Iris enjoys nothing more than capturing the most beautiful destinations on film. This, then, makes her the photographer of the two. In addition to a love of travel and photography, Iris loves animals, no cat or dog escapes a pet. Therefore, Iris' favorite travel destination is a country where you can find both wildlife and beautiful nature. She has lost her heart to Canada, although she won't say "no" to a pearly white beach either. As long as she can continue to explore and share this with the world, she will feel at home anywhere.


With a background as an engineer, Gert is the techie of the two, making sure this website runs smoothly. In addition, Gert likes nothing better than doing budget management while traveling, and if possible in an Excel. Gert does not easily say "no" to experiences and does love an adventure. So his favorite travel destination is New Zealand, the country of choice for skydiving, bungee jumping or rafting. But as long as there is good food, Gert is happy everywhere.

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